Insurance Claims

In the unfortunate event that any item of yours be Lost, Stolen or Broken we will compose a letter for presentation to your insurance company. The modest fee for this service will be refunded in full when the items are either replaced or repaired by Attenborough Jewellers Ltd. Email us or call in to our store for more information.


Having your Jewellery valued can be a worthwhile process. Why Have Your Jewellery Valued?

For Insurance

Global prices rising all the time – Do Not Be Under Insured – Up Date Your Jewellery / Watch Valuation Now
With hundreds of homes broken into every day and thousands of pounds worth of jewellery stolen, an insurance valuation could well be an excellent investment.
A professionally prepared valuation is based on the current cost of replacing your jewellery with similar items. We would suggest, because of ever fluctuating costs, that it would be wise to have your jewellery re-valued every three years. This ensures adequate cover, financially at least, in the event of loss, damage or theft.

For Probate

A valuation for probate is a confirmation of the value of jewellery in an estate. It is based on the likely sale price had the jewellery been sold at auction at the time of death of the owner. Since this value is determined by market forces, it will be considerably lower than a valuation for insurance purposes.

For Private Sale

This type of valuation determines a fair selling price on a piece offered for private sale by one individual to another. The value is typically higher than that for probate but lower than the replacement retail value.

Your Valuations

A professionally prepared valuation contains a comprehensive list of information which includes the name of the company instructed to do the valuation and the address at which the valuation is carried out. It shows clearly the purpose of the valuation and for whom it is being prepared. It provides a sufficiently detailed description to enable identification, together with a statement of an opinion of the value, as well as the total of the valuation. The valuation is dated and it bears the signature of the valuer who produced it.
All of the this information must appear on a valuation schedule to make it valid.

Your Valuer

The knowledge, experience and skill upon which a reliable valuation is based requires years of training, supported by specialist technical equipment when necessary. It is important that you entrust your jewellery only to jewellers with the required knowledge and equipment.
Professionalism is assured at Attenborough Jewellers, the reputable family firm, established in 1892. The Company are members of the National Association of Goldsmiths and Guild of Valuers'. Through the NAG we also participate in the SafeGems Alert scheme which notifies all members of stolen property.

Your Photographic Record

Supporting the recommendations of the Police and Insurance Companies, Attenborough Jewellers Ltd are now pleased to be able to provide a photographic record of your jewellery at the same time as your written valuation. As a matter of course with every valuation we carry out, any individual item which is valued at £500 or more will automatically receive a free photograph.
The photographs are taken with a digital camera and are produced as an integral part of the valuation. This will give the police the best possible chance of recovering your property; if stolen, and giving you proof of ownership if the items are recovered. The valuation document, should be kept safely in a separate place from your jewellery.
Valuations are carried out on the premises and covered by our own Insurance whilst in our care.
For your own peace of mind, ask Attenborough Jewellers Ltd to carry out a professional valuation on your jewellery. It could prove to be an excellent investment!

Document Fee £20.00

Percentage Fee 2% For first £1000 - 1% thereafter